3/28 Class

Hello all,

Caedyn and I will be having an open discussion in class, but here are the questions we want you to think about.

Gayle Rubin’s Sex Hierarchy Circle: Where do disabled people fit in this model? Is it possible for disabled people to be in the circle?

How can you compare sexual agency to disability movements?

What can privacy be considered as, and how can the sex life of a disabled person be no longer private? Are there different levels of privacy between able-bodied and disabled-bodied people?

How does capitalism continue to exclude disabled bodies, especially in the realms of sex and sexuality?

Is there a relationship between queer and disabled bodies because of the view of their bodies as ‘unhuman’ because of the inability to reproduce?

What are the implications for disabled people due to erotophobia? 

Obviously, the discourses about disability and medicine are created by the medical model of disability. However, where does the discourse come from that disabled people are sex-less, and where can we look to change it?


Class Facilitation 2/29

We will be showing the following two short videos in class:

Ohio considers Down syndrome abortion ban

Jane the Virgin 1×13 Promo ‘Chapter Thirteen’

The first video is captioned; the second is not. We have provided transcripts of both videos, as well as guiding questions for tomorrow’s discussion, in the following document:


We will also have printed copies available in class.