Extension and Make Up Work form

Assignment formatting guidelines: All writing assignments that are not blogs should be typewritten in a simple 12 pt. font, double-spaced with 1” margins (be aware that MS Word defaults to 1.25” margins – you must change your preferences). All assignments should include your name and the date. Please use citations when appropriate and use a consistent citation style (for example, Chicago Manual or MLA). Be sure to proofread carefully for style and grammar. Submit all papers in Microsoft Word on Moodle.

Email: Please email me any time with questions or concerns. I have a policy of responding to email within 48 hours. Please plan accordingly. I may also occasionally send class readings, updates, and information to your email. Please read these emails carefully.

Discussion: This is a discussion-based class. I expect consistent and respectful participation by everyone in the class (not just talking in class but also active listening). Many of the topics we will discuss this semester may invoke strong feelings, and we must be mindful that there is never a “right” answer. We will have different opinions. One of the objectives of this course is to learn strategies for articulating one’s opinion and for responding to others’ comments both articulately and respectfully. We will sometimes, and maybe often, have contentious conversations. You may be uncomfortable and even personally challenged (by the class materials, by your classmates, or by me). I encourage you to be open-minded and expect you to listen and respond respectfully to each other (and me). Discomfort is often necessary to learning and can be very productive. That being said, if you think a classmate is being disrespectful or is wrong, I encourage you to talk to them in or outside of class, or talk to me. If you think I have been disrespectful or wrong, I strongly encourage you to talk to me, either in or outside of class. I make mistakes and do not know everything, and I am constantly learning from my students. Finally, as part of the nature of the material we will cover, we will be talking about violence and oppression. If you ever feel the need to step outside of class, either for a short period of time or for the rest of class, you are welcome to do so. You will not be penalized for doing so but are responsible for any material you missed.

Accessibility: I am deeply committed to making my classroom accessible to all students. We all enter the classroom with different abilities, needs, and capacities. Please come talk to me if you are having trouble accessing any aspects of the course. If you have a disability and would like to request accommodations, please contact AccessAbility Services, located in Wilder Hall B4 at 413.538.2646 or accessability-services@mtholyoke.edu. If you are eligible, they will give you an accommodation letter, which you should bring to me as soon as possible.

Attendance: I expect you to attend every class meeting. You may miss up to one class for any reason you deem valid, and you do not need to tell me when or why you miss class. Each additional absence, up to four, will lower your participation grade by a full grade. If you miss more than four classes, YOU WILL FAIL THE COURSE. If something extraordinary comes up that causes you to miss more than two classes during the semester (for example, an ongoing illness or death in your family), please talk to me, and I will be happy to work with you to offer ways to make up additional absences. After we’ve talked and agreed on make up work, please fill out the Extension and Make Up Work form. I do not excuse additional absences beyond two without make up work and will not automatically give you the option to make up additional absences. So, be strategic about your absences. In addition, patterns of lateness will adversely affect your grade. If you need to come late or leave early from class, please let me know in advance. If you do not attend class, it is your responsibility to ask a fellow classmate for details and catch up. 

Timeliness: It is your responsibility to submit assignments on time. I do not accept late assignments unless we have come to a prior arrangement. Exceptions will be made under extraordinary circumstances. I am generally willing to provide extensions or other accommodations when needed and discussed ahead of the deadline (not only for illness or other similar circumstances but if a major deadline for this class is the same as a deadline you have for another class). Please plan ahead and make requests for extensions by email at least 24 hours prior to the assignment deadline. Please also note that you are not guaranteed an extension if requested. After we’ve talked and agreed on an extension, please fill out this form. I will expect you to meet the extension deadline.

Computers and Other TechnologyI do not allow cell phones to be used in our classroom. Please turn off your cell phones and/or ringers during class. If there is an emergency reason that you may need it, please let me know in advance. You may use a computer or tablet for readings and/or class notes. These should be used for class-related purposes only (i.e. not email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). I reserve the right to ban the use of computers or tablets for any individuals or for the entire class (unless you need it for accessibility purposes). Please note that if I find their use distracting to the class, I will ban them.

Honor Code and Plagiarism: You are expected to be the sole author all of your assignments (aside from those specifically designated as group assignments) and properly cite all information, ideas, and writing you found in sources. If you are confused about how to properly cite your sources and/or avoid plagiarism, the College offers a self-test and explanation of plagiarism. I also recommend checking out Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab, which also offers an explanation of plagiarism and how to avoid it as well as detailed explanation of citations.