Critical Inquiry #4

How would you describe disability/crip politics? To answer this question, instead of providing a general explanation, I want you to focus on a specific area, such as a disability/crip politics of sexuality, education, or environmentalism—you may focus on whatever you want, whether we have discussed it in class or not. Your paper should draw on at least 3 readings from any class during this semester, although at least two of those readings should be from the classes since Spring Break.

DUE: Monday, April 25, by 11:59pm*

*Note: I’ve changed the due date from the original one.


Critical Inquiry #3

For this critical inquiry, I would like you to choose and analyze a news story or pop culture item (such as an ad, music video, performance, or TV show) that explicitly or implicitly relates to disability. Drawing from at least three readings from our last three classes (Feb. 22, Feb. 29, and March 7), your analysis should address, in part, the following questions: How does the news story (in its framing and/or what it describes) or the pop culture item represent disability? How does ableism/disability oppression inform that representation and is reproduced by it, and/or how does the representation challenge disability oppression/ableism? (The representation may or may not both reproducing and challenging ableism.)

DUE: Monday, March 21, by 11:59pm

Critical Inquiry #2

Your prompt for the next Critical Inquiry paper is:

What is disability? What is disability identity? Your answers to these two questions should be your own definitions/explanations, but they should draw from at least three readings from the class so far. In doing so, you should explain how your answer to these questions uses, builds on, and/or departs from the answers that the authors from those readings provide. You should also consider how gender, sexuality, and/or race impact disability and disability identity.

DUE: Sunday, February 21, by 11:59pm