Accessible Clothing

Runway of Dreams is a nonprofit that strives to make fashion available to children with disabilities. Founder, Mindy Scheier, created Runway of Dreams after her son expressed that he felt peer pressure to dress like his friends, but couldn’t due to his Muscular Distrophy and wheelchair use. Scheier has partnered with Tommy Hilfiger and her designs can be found on their website. In the interview with National Public Radio, Scheier explained the success of her clothing line, writing, “ . . . The one incredible thing about the disabled market is that it knows no age and it knows no socio-economic background. So there are really consumers at every level, in every budget that are currently not being tapped into.” I found this article connects with the ongoing goal of accessibility within the various disability movements. Clothing is an area that can be inaccessible to people with and without disabilities, due to physical limitations and cost. Runway of Dreams addresses the physical inaccessibility of clothing, however the cost of their items may limit the amount of people who have access to them. On, the cost of one item of clothing ranges from $19.50 to $39.50. Although prices are relative, the limited amount of accessible clothing means that people with disabilities may pay more for accessible clothes than non-disabled persons. When looking for fashionable clothing lines to compare to Runway of Dreams, I found that Canadian fashion designer Izzy Camilleri created the IZ Collection, an accessible line for people in wheelchairs. IZ offers a range of styles for men and women at a price range from $12.99-$599.00. When looking at both lines of clothing from the perspective of functionality and cost, I think both lines have met the physical aspect of making their clothing physically accessible, however the limited amount of accessible clothing lines may lead to some stores having a monopoly on accessible clothes, driving prices up, and putting clothes out of reach for people who need them.


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